First Flight – A Fun & Useful Tool for First-time Homebuyers


I love working with first time homebuyers!

As a super young and youthful person, I can definitely relate to the struggle of not knowing where to start. I usually start any new challenge by gathering information, and typical of my generation spend about 95% of my time on the internet, so I LOVE this new tool. RE/MAX has launched an online Pinterest magazine that gathers useful information, resources and inspiration for first-time homebuyers. Check it out if you haven’t already.

I joined Pinterest when it first came out but never really got the hang of it, but I started using it more recently to gather inspiration for home decor, fashion & design and I have actually found it to be a great resource for business ideas and information on more serious topics like finance. I’m a typical consumer and find that when information is presented in a short and sweet or visually appealing way it definitely holds my attention more.


ANYWAYS, check it out!

First Flight | Launchpad